our projects


Coral builds safeguards for crypto transactions with an address-level reputation score, and an insurance system to provide restitution in case of phishing fraud.


The world’s first suite of open source Swift (iOS) libraries to easily interface with the Ethereum blockchain. Swifthereum will make it immensely easier for developers worldwide to build native iOS apps on the blockchain.


Loot is the first native MacOS Ethereum wallet. Loot is faster, smaller and more stable than other wallets. Loot supports ERC-20 tokens, as well as Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets.


Gethdroid is the world's first native Android / Java wrapper for Geth, making it faster and easier than ever for developers to build native Android apps on the Ethereum blockchain

our mission

We believe in the power of blockchain to change the world for the better. Since the creation of the internet, there has never been such rapid technological innovation as there is now. Indisputable Labs harnesses blockchain technology, building businesses, protocols, tools and systems to make a more open, transparent and equitable world.

our team

Indisputable Labs is dedicated to constant innovation. We are leaders, nerds, engineers, designers, researchers, business developers and change-makers. We get fired up in the face of a challenge. We question assumptions, building solutions for previously unaddressable problems. Our work is centered around cutting edge technology, open source development, and elegant user experiences.

David Kuchar


Harrison Dahme

Engineering, Product

Malcolm Garland

Operations, Research

Austin Bourdier


Jon Gillon

Sales, Marketing

Jenny Guan